We’re launching with a competition!

To celebrate the launch of Let’s Dance we’re going to help a small organisation doing good – by building them a new website

When you’re setting up a business that’s both small and new, there’s one question you inevitably keep coming back to – how do you let the right people know that you’re open for business without the marketing budget of larger competitors?

It’s probably the biggest question new small businesses face. But while there’s plenty of truth in the adage about speculating to accumulate (contrary to what our government would like us to think), it’s a situation in which creative solutions can play an important role.

One solution we’ve settled on is simple – we’ve decided to kick things off with a fairly exciting package of pro-bono work. It’s a simple solution but it’s one we all agreed on quickly because it helps us solve another problem – shifting our co-created values from words on a page into actions that make a difference.

What’s on offer

Here’s a basic outline of what’s we’re proposing to do:

  • Review your current visual brand and propose developments to it
  • Arrange a photo or video shoot to tell the story of who you are
  • Build a small, high quality site on a content management system that’s simple to update

We’ve included an explanation of a few key terms if you want to understand what these stages will entail.

How we’ll decide

We want to make sure the work we do makes a difference. To help ensure that’s the case, we’ll choose the successful applicant based on the criteria below:

  • You’re a UK-based charity, cooperative or independent doing social good
  • You rely on a modest income and have a limited communications budget
  • You understand the process of creating the new site will take a few months
  • You’re open to the idea of your visual brand being developed
  • You can explain how an improved web presence would support your aims
  • You have ideas for how photo or video could be used to tell your story
Apply here

We're not looking for a lengthy essay, just try and explain clearly and simply how you meet the criteria listed above. If we need further information from you before we make a decision, we'll be in touch!

The deadline for entries is 8th May 2015.

Explanation of a few key terms

  • Simple website. A site comprising of no more than six pages, offering basic functionality. This could include things like pages of content that are easily updatable, news/events system, mailing list signup options, a contact/booking form, etc. It wouldn’t include more advanced functionality like an online shop or membership system.
  • Photo/video shoot. We’re offering a ½ day shoot plus ½ a day of edit time. We think this would be perfect for producing a short video (up to three minutes) or a small album of photos.
  • Brand development. While we’re not offering a comprehensive rebrand, we’ll be keen to review your current visual brand and propose changes to improve how it works online. This will include establishing basics like a colour palette, typography and visual elements.